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7 Salads You Need To Eat For Breakfast This Week

7 Salads You Need To Eat For Breakfast This Week

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So, I’ve been trying to go meatless for the past several weeks in an effort to cleans my body and lose this belly pouch before Summertime. And while I haven’t been 100% perfect with my efforts, I am happy with the progress I’ve made thus far.

One step in the right direction is salads for breakfast. Yes, for breakfast.

With the right ingredients, a hearty salad kept me satisfied well into the lunch hour. And by the second week of the salads for breakfast regimine, I was pretty full until dinnertime (excluding a quick bag of cashews or popcorn I eat sometime around 2pm).

Here’s a roundup of all the salads I tried for breakfast. Hopefully, you’ll love them just the same as I did!


1. Pomegranate, Arugula Salad
If you’re the typical breakfast skipper, stop. Before you head towards the door in the A.M., grab a quick arugula salad. Topped with slices of parmesan cheese and yummy pomegranate seeds, this salad will fill you with the nutrients you need without weighing you down. Plus, it’s super simple to make.


Waffle Croutons

2. A Garden Salad with Waffle Croutons
A fresh garden salad makes for the perfect morning meal. Especially when you include waffles. Skip the croutons and instead, add your favorite toasted waffle to the mix. For an added treat, top the salad off with crumbled blue cheese and a teaspoon of light maple syrup.



3. Kale Salad
Kale is the super food of the century. Start your morning off with a cup of kale, mixed with tomatoes and eggs for a delicious dose of fiber, protein and other necessary nutrients.



4. Raw Fruit Salad
There’s no need to weigh yourself down in the morning with a heavy bacon and egg breakfast or a doughnut. Instead, start the day with a fresh bowl of mixed fruit. A delicious fruit salad will give you enough energy to last through lunch without a crash and burn effect or the unnecessary calories.



5. Smokes Salmon Salad
Of all the little fishes in the deep blue sea, salmon is the one to love most. Yes, fish is a meat. But the Omega-3 fatty acids do wonders on the skin and is delicious on my tongue. So for this, I had to make an exception. Mix a few sliced pieces of salmon with salad leaves, dried black olives, and cherry tomatoes for an extra delicious breakfast treat.

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