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Two Weeks In South Africa

Two Weeks In South Africa

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While in Cape Town, my family took the cable car to the top of Table Mountain. Somehow, I convinced myself that we would enjoy an easy lunch while admiring arial views of the city. Of course, I was completely wrong. Though there is a small cafe, the mountain top is full of what every other mountain top has: rocks, boulders, stone and steep cliffs. For this, I was completely and totally inappropriately dressed. My wedges atop that mountain definitely garnered a few stares from strangers. Oh well. At least the view was nice.


Church plays a big roll in my family life. So, like a good little Christian, I visited The African Dream Family Church while in Johannesburg. Disappointingly, this church praised and worshipped the exact same way many contemporary churches do in the States. (I wanted to experience something new.) With the exception of a fews songs, I felt like I was back in Washington, DC singing congregational hymns. It was wonderful, however, to fellowship with other Christians half-way around the world. It was like having a super extended family. Cool stuff.

Have you ever been inside of a room made out of Gold? I finally have been. Inside of the Gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum, there is a room lined in gold. And nestled inside of this enchanting room is the coveted Golden Lion. Oh, how I wish I could have taken this home. Too bad for me, I couldn’t figure out how to open the glass case without breaking a few nails. So, I had to settle for a few pictures and a memory. LOL! Such is life.

While in South Africa, I visited Naledi Enkoveni Camp, a Game Lodge located in the Balule region of Kruger National Park. Twice a day, my family mounted a specially equipped all-terrain Toyota Land Cruiser and went out into the wilderness. Hunting wild animals was just exhausting as it was exciting. So when it was time to eat, I made sure to take advantage. Exquisitely prepared meals were prepared three times a day and served at a dinner table overlooking the river. Because all guests at the lodge were asked to eat at the same time, I took the opportunity to dress up for each meal.

FYI: Naledi is rather impressive. The lodge hosts a very minimal amount of guests at a time to ensure optimal service is received. The people seen around the table were all of the guests at Naledi at that time.

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